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February 5, 2013
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________'s Point Of View:

An uneasy feeling brews in my gut as I briskly walked home from school. "H-hello?" I nervously call out, stuffing my mittened hands into my pockets. A small rustling sound echoes through the darkened street as I begin to sprint home. What if it's the killer? Reports say his killings have been nearing Willowbrook Road (A/N: That's where you live in this fanfic)....

I finger the dagger in my pocket, ready to pull it out if needed. I slow my pace down slightly, rounding the corner. Glancing behind myself quickly, I scan the street. No movement. I let out a soft sigh, unlocking the door. Pushing it open I call out, “Mum, you home?" She waves at me from the kitchen, a grim smile on her face.

"Welcome home darling, your Father will be working late." she smiles quickly at me, a quick, but beautiful smile. "Okay," I murmur, "I'll be in my room if you need me."

I flop down onto bed, spreading my textbooks in front of me. "I think I'll do English first..." I yawn, picking the heavy book up.

-Hours later-

I'm only half done with my work before I hear a bloodcurdling scream come from the house over. Alarmed, I look at my window to see their windows splattered with crimson red blood. In the middle of it, a large heart is drawn. Fear fills my heart as I shakily call for my parents. Another murder has struck the town.

Jeff's point of view:

*about twenty-five minutes before reader heard the scream*

I sneak into the prim blue house, a small butcher knife hidden in my white sweatshirt. Looking out the main window I smile lightly. _______, the girl I 'like', is sitting on her bed, a bored look on her lovely, slender face. A small, bright smile flashes across her face. God, those smiles. They're almost as beautiful as me...

Tearing my eyes from her isn't easy, but I manage to do it. Sneaking up the stairs I cut all the phone wires, last time some small boy ratted me out. That little brat. A soft giggle comes from the room over, accompanied by a gruff voice. Rolling my dark eyes I take out the knife, covering my face with my hood. No need to spoil my looks~

I enter the room, clinging to the shadows. The man and woman are too focused on their television to notice me anyway. I look at the back of their heads, the man is tall and large, and the woman looks more fragile, petit. I decide to kill the man first.

I slink closer, knife raised. I bring the knife down forcefully on his head, killing him instantly. What a shame. I wanted to watch him suffer. I'll kill the woman more slowly.

The woman opens her eyes, turning to the deceased man. "So, as I was saying-" she shuts up midsentence, looking in horror at the knife in his skull. I smirk, popping up. "Hello~" I drawl, prying the knife from his head. "Are you ready to join him~?" I gesture to the man. Upon closer look, he's ugly. Overly tanned skin, bulging muscles, and short, greasy black hair.

She screams for a split second as I plunge the already bloodied knife into her larynx. "Tsk, you should know to only use your inside voice" I taunt, looking into her glazed eyes. She tries to choke a few words out, but it's useless. Smirking, I begin to stab at her body until she bleeds to death.

I look at the window, hoping to catch a glance of ________. But, to my dismay, the window is covered in dark blood. A grin tugs at my lips, and I draw a heart in the window. I hope _______ see's it~

________'s point of view:

My parents rush to my room, panic written all over their faces. I take a deep breath, pointing at the neighbor's window. "Dear god..." my father breathes, looking straight at the heart. My mum has tears streaming down her face; she's never been able to handle death. No matter who it is that died.

"My poor bambina (baby in Italian)!" she exclaims, wrapping her arms around me tightly. "I'll call the police." My father says, taking his phone out. He leaves the room, leaving me to be suffocated to death by my overly affectionate mother. "M-mum" I choke out, trying to break free of her grasp. She hesitantly lets me go. "______, you know we love you, right?" she asks sternly, looking me straight in the eyes. I nod quickly.

"Okay then, please don't hate us, we're pulling you out of public school. Until these murders stop we'll be homeschooling you."
I don't really have anything to put here...

Story inspired by memowkitty's Jeff The Killer series.

I own nothing but the story.

And yeah .-. In this story you are half italian- half-whatever-nationality-you-actually-are.

Oh, thank you :iconch3sh1re: for correcting my italian ^^
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homeschooling ?  no way i,m homeschoold to !!! : D   
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Well then mom if u want it to be that way I'm not waking up til' 12:00 pm
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