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February 10, 2013
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_______'s point of view:

"What?!" I screech, eyes widening. She tries to reassuringly pat my arm, but I jerk away. "Darling, this is for your own good. We don't want the killer trailing you." She says softly. I growl, flopping backwards. She pulls me up, wrapping me in her arms again "______, please don't be angry. We just want to protect you." "Fine" I huff, pushing her away.

"______?" My father enters the room, covering the phone with one hand. "Yeah?" I ask, looking up. "The police would like to talk to you..." He hands me the phone hesitantly. I take the phone from him and put it to my ear.

The police ask me a few questions, stuff like what time did I hear the scream, was I able to view the murderer, and whether I am or am not romantically involved with the murderer. I answer the questions as best as I possibly can, but the last one confuses me. Why would they think I would date a killer?

I hand the phone back to my father and he continues answering them. My mum pats my back, murmuring that it'll be okay. My father leaves my room again and my mum gets up," I'll be back soon dear, just need to call the school to find out what books you'll need." I nod, curling up in my blankets.

A cold shiver runs down my back as I fade off into sleep. Something doesn't feel right.....

Jeff's point of view:

I yawn, re-positioning myself in _______'s closet. Jesh, couldn't they carpet her closet? I stand up, pushing the door upon a crack. All the lights are out and ______ is fast asleep.

I smile softly, a drop of blood escaping my mouth. She's so cute when she sleeps~ I inch out of the closet, closing it carefully behind myself.

Carefully I lean over her, my scarred smile growing larger. A drop of blood drips from the scars on my mouth and she shifts in her sleep. I take a step back, what if she wakes? I haven't even gotten ready!

I duck under her bed, and she groans softly. Peeking out I touch her hand. No sound. Good, she's still asleep. I crawl out, letting her hand go. I lay down next to her, nuzzling her hair. I smile lovingly at her, cautiously placing a hand over her side.

I hope she doesn't wake, so I can be like this forever...

_______'s point of view:

My eyes flutter open and I turn to the other side. A pale, leathery face greets me. I jump backwards, a small shriek escaping my lips. The 'thing's' eyes stare at me, unfocused and tired, and it covers my mouth quickly. The unblinking eyes suddenly go alert, and it pushes its hand over my lips with so much force that I bite my tongue. The taste of blood quickly rushes in.

Is this the killer?!

"Shush." It hums in a silky, smooth voice. It sounds male, despite it's long hair. He slowly removes his hand. I look him over quickly. He has odd scars around his mouth, carving a smile. His skin is pale as death, but it suits him. His dark black eyes stand out, even with long strands of hair falling over them.

He pokes my cheek, "You alive _____?" I look at him curiously,"How do you know my name?!" "I know more than just that." He hums.

"The name's Jeff by the way."

I take a deep breath, "Areyouthekiller?" He looks at me funny, but nods. I back up, heart beating like a jackrabbit.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. Mi amour." He inches closer to me. I back up more, did he just call me his love?! His hand shoots out, grabbing my arm. "I'll scream!" I threaten. He pulls a knife out, "I didn't say that I wouldn't maim you though." I whimper, and he puts the knife away.

"Don't be sad, I love you..."
This was supposed to be longer :iconbadpokerfaceplz:
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This story was a bit sudden for me. I think you need to tell more about how Jeff knew the reader, rather it was through stalking her for a certain amount of time or they knew eachother as children. I also think that you should continue on with this story, it looks promicing and something I would consider reading. If you do choose to make the reader and Jeff know eachother as children try to make it interesting, give it a kind of sad back story. All the reader knows is that he is the killer I don't remember seeing anywhere that he introduces himself so USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Don't be over dramatic but defiantly give us(your viewers) some drama. Remember that some drama is nessacary when writing a story. I hope that this helped some in writing this story and hope that you follow my advice. If it was too harsh in anyway I am sorry, I enjoyed this story and hope you continue it
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Victoria0502 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
I love it. But how can he get in my room when I'm a freaking ninja?
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How the fudge did he get in my room
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First of all Jeff you don't love me, second of all just cause ur beautiful doesn't mean you gt everything you want
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O_o dat is a poker face. Lol. I like the story plot its good so far. Now we wait for slender to find out *slender comes in*
Slendy- jeff u r fuckin dead.
Jeff- shat...
Me- oh my glob!
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Da fuq jeff XD
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