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October 14, 2012
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I watch Ivan crumple to the ground, his violet eyes pleading me to rethink my choice. But I shake my head, and give him a reassuring smile. 'Run,'I mouth, 'I'll return to you soon.' He gets up and runs from the castle. I stare at his retreating form. I tear my eyes from the horizon and walk over to Arthur, paying special attention not to step on my parents deceased bodies. My head hangs in what seems to be surrender,  (h/c) locks hiding my smirking face from view. He may have won the battle but I'll win this war.

On the ship back to England, where I'll be living until my wedding which will take place in America, I begin to plan my escape. I know I'll have to gain their trust enough that I can easily make it at least half way to Russia before they realize I'm gone. I'll also need an accomplice. Someone I can truly trust...well this may be a little tougher than I had thought. I also have to try to get to Russia before the marriage; I really don't want to marry a man I don't love.

I'm fast asleep for most of the ride, so my escape plan isn't even half finished. We arrive at a port around three- thirty in the morning. The cold air bites my skin, after all I'm only clothed in a thin white night gown. I consider just knocking Arthur out and stealing the ship but I know that he's to strong for me to take on; I'd end up losing and getting no other escape chances. I have to be patient.

A sparkling white carriage is parked on the other side of the street, the driver looks like he would rather be anywhere but here; I understand how he feels. "Ah, there's our carriage" Arthur says, his voice sounds raspy. Two footmen open the doors to the carriage as we approach. I feel sickened that I'll have to sit next to Arthur, the man who murdered half my population and my parents, for hours on end. But that sickness fades when I see a lady-in-waiting sitting next to a window. She has shoulder length brown hair, pale skin, and big hazel eyes. (Hey its me °3°)

I slide in next to her,relieved that I'm not alone with Arthur. "Welcome to the hellhole called England," she whispers , "I'm Sarah, your lady -in -waiting, or in proper terms Slave." "I'm _____" I mutter. Like she doesn't all ready know, I bet Arthur has already told her everything about me.

The rest of the carriage ride is silent, Sarah tries to make conversation for a while but she fails. After five grueling hours of awkwardness we arrive at Arthur's home. It's once welcoming and cheerful demeanor mocks me. I can't believe I ever liked this place.

Sarah scuttles out of the carriage and holds the door open for me; her posture looks scared and fragile. I gracefully climb out and glare at the ground. Arthur climbs out behind me, I hear Sarah softly close the door behind him. I wish she had slammed it on his ankle instead.

I am esscourted to a tower on the west wing. It is a seccure _cage_ . No way out,unless you have the key that is ; but a way in. It's like he knew I was planning to escape. The room has another room connected to it. Probably Sarah's.

It also has a large window. Maybe I could lower myself out. Its not all action-y or cool. But its my only option so far.
Sooooo....I guess I'll be writting a part three soon.

[link] - part one
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